What I do Currently

I have a passion in Aesthetic and Anti- Aging. I am up to date with Korean trend, I have high interest to do training and seminars and teach about the Korean way of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging.

How I do it and why

As I am passionate I am also very hardworking to achieving my goals. With Discipline, Passion and Hard Work, I can go the distance.

Where is my Clinic

Located in Damansara Uptown, BBS Clinic offers the best treatment for Anti-Aging and Aesthetic.

More about myself.

Gloria Kim

offers to women who want to be beautiful, healthy and younger. She set up this treatment center to help women look fascinated without suffering any pain. Just seven years ago in Malaysia, BBS Clinic Anti-Aging (Best Beauty of Seoul). Offering a variety of aesthetic services and the only center specializing in Wellness ‘Anti-Aging’ which is therapeutic treatment with special care.

Kim who has extensive experience in the field of anti-aging promises the best treatment for every client. Having experienced staff, treatments and equipment are also used according to the latest trends from Korea. Among the services and products offered, including non-cosmetic treatments, anti-aging, rejuvenation, and beauty wellness.

In addition, customer satisfaction is the priority of the BBS Clinic. Because of that she always keeps her comfortable and happy with the treatment she has given. Not only do you see more offers. This treatment center also shares tips with clients about how to care after undergoing treatment to ensure that the results remain longer.

Overview Offered
Kim also offers Stem Cell therapy. Stem Cell can be used to treat diseases and conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions. New stem cells and adjunctive treatments potentially slow down or reverse this process.

Stem cells are attractive candidates for the development of novel therapies, targeting indications that involve functional restoration of defective tissue. Although most stem cell therapies are new and highly experimental, there are clinics around the world that exploit vulnerable patients with the hope of offering supposed stem cell therapies, many of which operate without credible scientific merit, oversight, or other patient protection.

We review the potential, as well as drawbacks, for incorporation of stem cells in cosmetic procedures. A review of FDA-approved indications and ongoing clinical trials with adipose stem cells is provided. Furthermore, a “snapshot” analysis of websites using the search terms “stem cell therapy” or “stem cell treatment” or “stem cell facelift” was performed.

Despite the protective net cast by regulatory agencies such as the FDA and professional societies such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, we are witnessing worrying advertisements for procedures such as stem cell facelifts, stem cell breast augmentations, and even stem cell vaginal rejuvenation. The marketing and promotion of stem cell procedures in aesthetic surgery is not adequately supported by clinical evidence in the majority of cases.

Stem cells offer tremendous potential, but the marketplace is saturated with unsubstantiated and sometimes fraudulent claims that may place patients at risk. With plastic surgeons at the forefront of stem cell-based regenerative medicine, it is critically important that we provide an example of a rigorous approach to research, data collection, and advertising of stem cell therapies.

What is PRP? PRP (platelet-rich plasma) has been used to improving skin texture and elasticity, particularly under the eyes. PRP injections have become popular, particularly with elite athletes. For example, in Achilles tendonitis, a condition is commonly seen in runners and tennis players, the heel cord can become swollen, inflamed, and painful. A mixture of PRP and local anaesthetic can be injected directly into this inflamed tissue. Afterwards, the pain at the area of injection may actually increase for the first week or two, and it may be several weeks before the patient feels a beneficial effect. Skin that is treated with PRP feel firmer, appear tauter and regain that youthful glow. It has also been useful in the treatment of acne scarring, skin tightening and hair loss.

With more and more people living for longer periods, anti-ageing is becoming big business. This article looks into what causes premature ageing and gives advice on how to keep looking younger for longer.

The latest research shows that around seventy-five percent of skin ageing is caused by an overexposure to the sun. This is a huge figure and one that has to be taken seriously for anyone who is looking at ways in delaying the ageing process.

In my opinion, this is actually common sense as when anything becomes burnt it tends to shrivel up and become all wrinkly. This is what can happen to peoples’ skin, it may not happen straight away but after maybe thirty years of this overexposure to the sun, wrinkles are likely to appear.

For people who enjoy spending time sunbathing as it makes them feel good and they like looking tanned, I would advise a strong sun cream. This should be used regularly as per the instructions and if you start to feel your body burning up this is the time when you should be looking for some shade or to cover up.

It is also important to ensure we get enough sleep. Research suggests that people who only average around six hours sleep per night will age in looks far quicker than people who average eight hours.

Again, this is very logical as if you have a period of a couple of weeks when you do not get enough sleep, bags can appear under your eyes. If you have a really good night sleep you tend to wake up not only feeling fresh and awake but also looking fresh and healthy. My advice here for people who have developed these bags under their eyes would be to use a good eye cream or to gently massage their eyes every day.

Smoking can certainly speed up the ageing process. To quit smoking is not easy however but it is a must for people on a quest to delay the ageing process. There are of course many other reasons to stop smoking, therefore be brave and look at ways to quit smoking today.

I have often heard people refer to somebody with a comment such as he looks as if he has had a hard life. This is often referred to somebody who looks far older than they actually are. They look like they have not been looked after or that they have not had enough love in their lives.

What I think has happened is that they have had a stressful life. What we, therefore, need to do is to attempt to live as much of a stress-free life as possible. This, of course, is not that easy. What we need to do is to think in a more positive and pro-active way. We need to start to like ourselves and be happy with who we are and what we have. Thinking in this way will certainly, in my opinion, help you mining in your quest of anti-ageing.

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